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Tips And Strategies For Online Casino Gaming

Online casino is the perfect alternative for those who like to play, but want to avoid crowded places or simply do not have a real casino in their area. Playing online is not only comfortable, but it also has a series of advantages for gamers: they have a wide variety of games to choose from, they receive various bonuses and promotions and their identity and personal information is safe. However, it is important to be aware that there are some things which may be different from playing in an actual casino, because you have to look for, create an account and log in on online casino sites. Depending on the platform, you will have to use the online technologies or download casino software, but both options are easy to implement and will allow you to have the best gaming experience. As soon as you choose your service provider, you have to create a strategy: even if you may think that casino games are all about luck, you should know that there are some things you can do to improve the odds.

[The Fascination Towards Online Casino Games]

To begin with, you have to understand the house edge before you decide which game you will play. This represents the advantage the casino has over the players, which helps them make money. You have to be aware of this, and try not to take the casino’s word for granted. Even if the experts will offer you advice, you have to consider your own analysis, just to be sure that you are objective enough. So before you start a new round, compare the information offered by the platform with the one you have, to obtain an accurate forecast. Another important thing you have to know in advance is the possibility of losing: consider the fact that you can win some money, but also lose, arm yourself with patience and keep your goals realistic. Calculate the win-loss ratio and make sure you do not invest more than you own, because you are likely to leave with nothing, at least until you gain some experience.

Furthermore, you could start using the education section you will find on dedicated platforms: read e-books, testimonials and so on, because these will help you make a relevant opinion about the games you are playing. Pay attention to the games you choose, because even if online casino sites have plenty of possibilities (such as roulette, blackjack, slots or baccarat), not all of them are suitable for you. Take into consideration variables such as duration of the game, odds or amount of money you want to invest and choose the game that will make the most out of your resources.

All in all, you have to keep in mind all these pieces of advice, but do not forget to have fun all the way! Playing online casino games should not be only about winning, but rather about spending quality time and investing in your hobby. Remember to enjoy the games and use them as an entertaining method, not only as an easy method of making money.

The Fascination Towards Online Casino Games

Lately, people have discovered a new and intriguing way to keep themselves entertained. It seems that most individuals appreciate online casino games, fact, which can make one wonder about the reasons why. The Internet truly is rich in options of this kind, more specifically in websites offering entertainment. However, what makes people choose one of these websites instead of watching TV or going out for a drink? Surely you must have had a bad day, a stressful afternoon at the office and when coming home, although you were far from your problems, you just couldn’t seem to get rid of them. Your mind is constantly working, thinking of ways to resolve them. So, some individuals choose to open the computer and choose an online platform, which presents online games like roulette or poker. Apparently, this idea works.

[Tips And Strategies For Online Casino Gaming]

The reality that this is the reason for which all people decide to spend some time playing on the computer. Whether you choose casino or strategy games, one aspect is clear. You are so engaged in everything that is going on the computer that you end up realizing that you are playing for an hour or two. Throughout this time, you have completely forgotten about your worries. For some individuals, this is reason enough to play such games, today, tomorrow and so on. However, the fascination towards online games cannot simply be based on the idea of stress and job frustrations. There has to be something else, setting apart this attraction from others that individuals have access to. The truth is that there is another reason for which even you might be tempted to take on a casino game. Have you ever heard of online casino bonus? This is an element that could increase your chances of winning. But what are you winning exactly? This is the question you should be asking yourself. Well, there are people who do not necessarily play such games to take the stress off their shoulders. Some individuals are interested in the financial earnings this world may provide them with. This is actually why bonuses come in handy.

So, you have relaxation and possible financial earnings as the top reasons for which people in such a great number play these games. Could there be something else? How else could one explain the fascination individuals have for casino games? Well, there is the aspect of design. Even if you are not stressed out or in need of extra financial earnings, you cannot help yourself from noticing the fun and captivating design specific to these amusement options. Everything is colorful and if you are using a trustworthy website, rest assured that all the details on the screen will quickly move, at least when playing slots. If you are playing poker, for instance, the aim is respect reality, as much as possible. Looking at the facts stated above, there should be nothing surprising you as far the level of fascination is concerned. Potential financial earnings, relaxation and fun designs, these are the three most important reasons for which people in a great number choose these games. Convince yourself by trying an entertaining session of this kind.

Most Legendary Losing Streaks in Blackjack History

High rollers, especially the whales, don’t usually bet small when it comes to their casino gaming options. These guys and girls are looking to set down a hundred thousand dollar or million-dollar bets, so slots definitely won’t do it for them. But, if you personally like casual gambling why not check out Bingomummy. Also, slots don’t have that sweet adrenaline action that they need. Only one thing can satisfy their gambling thrills and that’s the table games. Some whales like craps and roulette, but the majority love blackjack. Blackjack tables are home to some of gambling’s biggest losing streaks. What does a massive loss look like to you? Learn more about how big the whales bet below.

Omar Siddiqui

Omar Sidduiqi was an Electronics executive whose 200,000-dollar wagers were supplied through the illegal extraction of commissions from his wholesale providers. Siddiqui visited Vegas regularly and would put his embezzled cash to good use. He loved blackjack, but was quite bad at it. Casinos loved to fly him in on private jets.

Siddiqui lost $167 million from 1999 to 2009 in various Vegas casinos. One time he blew $8 million at blackjack tables in a day. You’d think that it’s the losses that got him to quit, but it was actually the Internal Revenue Service. In 2008 a fellow employee blew the whistle on his scheme. Siddiqui is now charged with fraud and faces 7 different Vegas casino lawsuits for unpaid debts of more than $30 million.

gambling losing streak

Kerry Packer

This Australian billionaire aka the “greatest gambler in the world” had a lot of winning streaks, winning millions at the blackjack table in a night. Packer once lost $20 million in 3 weeks at the Bellagio. He lost an average of $1 million per day, most being on blackjack. His favorite strategy being setting $300,000 bets on either hand. He might have set a record right there because that might just be the highest number ever wagered on a single hand in the history of Vegas. Despite losing severally he wouldn’t leave the table. Casinos were always wary when Packer came by because despite enjoying the business, his deep pockets meant that he’d enjoy a bottomless bankroll to a degree where losses meant little to him. People say the Aspinall Casino in London was into bankruptcy because of so many blackjack table wins. Packer had been there a week before the casino was shut down.

Terry Watanabe

Terry Watanabe is undoubtedly the biggest blackjack loser of all time. He sold his company in 2000 and began gambling in 2003. By 2005, he started making regular trips to Vegas and just a few years later ended up losing his entire fortune. In 2007 he lost $127 million and provided 5.6% of Harrah’s Las Vegas revenue that year.

Watanabe also frequented blackjack tables at Caesar’s Palace and placed outrageous bets even when he was clearly exhausted and intoxicated. Later he blamed the establishment for drugging him to keep him at the tables. Back then he’d spend 24 hours at a blackjack table uninterrupted. He lost $5 million in a single day. The casino staff allowed him to play 3 blackjack hands at once. Caesar’s Palace is usually blamed for letting things get out of hand in Watanabe’s case for exploiting his clear gambling addiction.

What’s the highest amount you’ve ever lost in a night in blackjack? These whales might put your blackjack game to shame, but don’t mind them- we can’t all be wealthy business moguls and lose 5 million dollars in a day which won’t leave a dent. For now, we enjoy their tales.

Magical Steps to Play Online Slots

Do you want to play slots?

That’s a great idea. You just have to familiarize online slots at 666Casino with the rules and get started. Lately, online slots have proven to be one of the most important games that you can use to make money from the casino industry. This is one of your favourite pastimes that can fluctuate up to sixty percent of your income.

From mechanical slot machines to advanced video slot machines, slot machines have evolved to retain their special charm, and now these popular casino games are available in online casinos. The reputation of these excellent casino machines is related to a few features that differ. Online slots are easy to play, do not require much time for planning or detailed tactics. All you have to do is turn the coils and the show starts.

When playing slots you have to hit a certain symbol combination.

Now this combination must match the one given by the online games. In general, you may prefer the idea of playing slot machines on three reels. However, online slot games give you extra attention. To be more specific, you can play slots on a five-reel slot machine. In addition to the rules, the amount you can play must be considered. At the end of the game, you have to press the “lever-key”. From here you can find the online games that spin the reels. The result is a combination of symbols.

Rules of online slots

According to the rules of online slots, you will be declared a winner if the combination matches.  You can play slots by selecting a coin value from the available options. For online slots, the bet starts with a maximum or minimum selection of coins. The rules and dynamics of the slots begin to work behind the scene as soon as you press the lever button. The best thing about these games is that they do not require you to win the amount you have won. Instead, the system will help you automatically.

Ways to win slot machine every time

To play slots successfully, all you have to do is stick to the basic rules of online slots.  If you want to learn the secrets of playing online slots, you need to go through the payout overview carefully. The prices and rules for online slots can vary from casino to casino. But it is your responsibility to choose those who have clearly stated their rules. In addition to the rules, the amount you can play must be considered. It would be unwise of you to play slots if you think you can not afford it.


The rule for online slots may change depending on the type of slots you are using. You may need to swap between 5 reel slots and 3 reel slots. In general, you may prefer the idea of playing slot machines on three reels. However, online slot games give you extra attention. To be more specific, you can play slots on a five-reel slot machine. You can play slots with real money or credit. Whatever options you choose, you just have to be sure that you enjoyed the game!…


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