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High rollers, especially the whales, don’t usually bet small when it comes to their casino gaming options. These guys and girls are looking to set down a hundred thousand dollar or million-dollar bets, so slots definitely won’t do it for them. But, if you personally like casual gambling why not check out Bingomummy. Also, slots don’t have that sweet adrenaline action that they need. Only one thing can satisfy their gambling thrills and that’s the table games. Some whales like craps and roulette, but the majority love blackjack. Blackjack tables are home to some of gambling’s biggest losing streaks. What does a massive loss look like to you? Learn more about how big the whales bet below.

Omar Siddiqui

Omar Sidduiqi was an Electronics executive whose 200,000-dollar wagers were supplied through the illegal extraction of commissions from his wholesale providers. Siddiqui visited Vegas regularly and would put his embezzled cash to good use. He loved blackjack, but was quite bad at it. Casinos loved to fly him in on private jets.

Siddiqui lost $167 million from 1999 to 2009 in various Vegas casinos. One time he blew $8 million at blackjack tables in a day. You’d think that it’s the losses that got him to quit, but it was actually the Internal Revenue Service. In 2008 a fellow employee blew the whistle on his scheme. Siddiqui is now charged with fraud and faces 7 different Vegas casino lawsuits for unpaid debts of more than $30 million.

gambling losing streak

Kerry Packer

This Australian billionaire aka the “greatest gambler in the world” had a lot of winning streaks, winning millions at the blackjack table in a night. Packer once lost $20 million in 3 weeks at the Bellagio. He lost an average of $1 million per day, most being on blackjack. His favorite strategy being setting $300,000 bets on either hand. He might have set a record right there because that might just be the highest number ever wagered on a single hand in the history of Vegas. Despite losing severally he wouldn’t leave the table. Casinos were always wary when Packer came by because despite enjoying the business, his deep pockets meant that he’d enjoy a bottomless bankroll to a degree where losses meant little to him. People say the Aspinall Casino in London was into bankruptcy because of so many blackjack table wins. Packer had been there a week before the casino was shut down.

Terry Watanabe

Terry Watanabe is undoubtedly the biggest blackjack loser of all time. He sold his company in 2000 and began gambling in 2003. By 2005, he started making regular trips to Vegas and just a few years later ended up losing his entire fortune. In 2007 he lost $127 million and provided 5.6% of Harrah’s Las Vegas revenue that year.

Watanabe also frequented blackjack tables at Caesar’s Palace and placed outrageous bets even when he was clearly exhausted and intoxicated. Later he blamed the establishment for drugging him to keep him at the tables. Back then he’d spend 24 hours at a blackjack table uninterrupted. He lost $5 million in a single day. The casino staff allowed him to play 3 blackjack hands at once. Caesar’s Palace is usually blamed for letting things get out of hand in Watanabe’s case for exploiting his clear gambling addiction.

What’s the highest amount you’ve ever lost in a night in blackjack? These whales might put your blackjack game to shame, but don’t mind them- we can’t all be wealthy business moguls and lose 5 million dollars in a day which won’t leave a dent. For now, we enjoy their tales.