A Tip for Biking in the UK is Definitely Familiarizing Yourself with Driving on the Left Side of the Road

A Tip for Biking in the UK is Definitely Familiarizing Yourself with Driving on the Left Side of the Road

Moving or visiting a new country can be a little daunting at first. Depending on where you go, you’ll have to get acquainted with a new climate, different road rules, customs, laws/bylaws, and the area in general. It’s definitely not easy for everyone, but if you’re here, you’re going to have to get used to it! If you’re a motorcycle rider, you’re in a for a treat in most places you go in the UK. The scenery is very picturesque, breath taking and awe-inspiring! Of course, you can visit these beautiful landscapes via car as well, but nothing beats the feeling of the fresh morning air on your face.

A tip for biking in the UK is definitely familiarizing yourself with driving on the left side of the road. It might not seem like it’s too difficult, but it might take a day or so to get accustomed to. Your left hand turns are now right hand turns, and vice versa! Just ensure you’re staying aware of the road and aware of your surroundings, as you would normally.

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To ensure you’re riding safely, you will have to make sure that you comply with the UK standards for wearing helmets. All helmets worn must be approved and carry the BSI Kitemark. The same goes for visors and goggles if you or your helmet require them. There are many helmets out there that are built specifically for motorbikes. They will have a higher quality design than something that is not made specifically for motor activities, and in turn they will protect you much better.

If you’re looking for places to ride when you’re in Britain, you won’t be disappointed with the selection of routes to take! One that is definitely worth mentioning in the Bedfordshire area begins at Milton Keynes and ends in Roxton. It’s a common biker area that many riders love. It’s a bit of a longer run that tends to be the home of on-duty police officers on sunny days, but the scenery and road quality make up for both of those! Definitely a favourite and worth checking out if you’re in that area!

Around Dorset there is a couple great rides that bring you out of the major traffic areas and through quaint little towns and villages that will remind you of a simpler time. These routes go from Salisbury to Shaftesbury and Shaftesbury to Yeovil. Warminster to Poole is another favourite among bikers in the Dorset area. Every Sunday bikers will gather at a cafe near the river to hang out, socialize, and grab a bit of food and refreshments before heading out on the road again. This might be a great place to meet people if you’re new to the area!

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